Trending This Month Extensions for VS Code (Trending This Month)

Updated: September 27, 2023

Trending This Month Extensions

  • PyUML Generator 0.0.2 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    PyUML Generator 0.0.2 VSIX File for VS Code

    The PyUML Generator is a powerful and intuitive extension that empowers developers by automatically generating UML Class Diagrams from their Python code. Leveraging the potential of PlantUML, a proven tool for creating simplified UML diagrams, this extension transcribes your Python classes, their at ...

  • Salesforce Code Analyzer 0.1.1 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    Salesforce Code Analyzer 0.1.1 VSIX File for VS Code New!

    Salesforce Code Analyzer is a unified tool for source code analysis. Run Code Analyzer to scan multiple languages in your code and add diagnostic info to your code that describes the violations. ...

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