New Added Other Extensions for VS Code (New Published)

Updated: April 2, 2023

New Published Other Extensions

  • Gitignore AI 0.6.0 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    Gitignore AI 0.6.0 VSIX File for VS Code New!

    The extension could also provide other useful features to make managing ignore rules easier, such as auto-updating .gitignore files as changes are made to the project, integrating with Git workflows and other commonly-used tools, and providing a user-friendly interface for managing ignore rules. ...

  • Wingman Copilot 0.0.2 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    Wingman Copilot 0.0.2 VSIX File for VS Code New!

    Supercharge your coding workflow with Wingman Copilot, the ultimate Visual Studio Code extension that provides intelligent code suggestions powered by OpenAI. Say goodbye to errors and hello to faster, more efficient coding with personalized suggestions based on your code's context. Get ready to tak ...

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