Best Rated Other Extensions for VS Code (Top Rated)

Updated: April 18, 2024

Top Rated Other Extensions

  • TalkX 0.1.2 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    TalkX 0.1.2 VSIX File for VS Code New!

    TalkX 通过将GPT/GPT-4集成到您的IDE,免费帮助开发人员大大加快了他们的工作效率。我们使用OpenAI的模型,建立了全球加速网络,拥有更高权限的OpenAI密钥。TalkX 使学习编程技术、解释和分析代码、生成测试用例、改进代码、检查安全性甚至解释高级概念变得容易。 ...

  • Text Power Tools 1.47.1 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    Text Power Tools 1.47.1 VSIX File for VS Code

    All-in-one solution with 150+ commands for text manipulation: filter lines (grep), remove lines, insert number sequences and GUIDs, sorting, change case, converting numbers, generating fake data and more. Great for finding information in logs. ...

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