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  • Midnight Synth Purple 1.0.0 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    Midnight Synth Purple 1.0.0 VSIX File for VS Code New!

    🦄 A professional theme suite with hand-picked & bold Midnight Synth Purple for your VS Code editor and terminal apps. One of the excellent, most downloaded, and top-rated VSCode Themes on the marketplace. Part of VSCode.pro course. ...

  • Dark Symphony Theme 1.1.0 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    Dark Symphony Theme 1.1.0 VSIX File for VS Code

    Introducing the 'Dark Symphony' theme for VS Code, a professional and visually pleasing theme designed to enhance your coding experience. This theme features warm, eye-pleasing colors that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while also providing a high level of readability and contrast to improve ...

  • Golden Hour 0.0.1 Extension for Visual Studio Code

    Golden Hour 0.0.1 VSIX File for VS Code New!

    The Golden Hour theme is a visually stunning and highly customizable VSCode theme that combines rich, warm shades of yellow with deep, dark hues for a truly unique and eye-catching look. The theme features a bold, high-contrast design that makes text and code easy to read, and is perfect for develop ...